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Springtime Blossoms

Spring Tree and Yard Care

After last fall’s hurricane season and the unusual winter we’ve experienced, springtime is a welcome change, and a great excuse to get out into the yard. Spring tree and yard care will set you up for a thriving landscape or new growth and weather resistance for the rest of...

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Nassau County Tree Surgeons - Local Arborists

Why Your Tree Service Company Should Be Local

For many service companies, the first time you call them is in an emergency. While tree service companies do (and should) perform periodic maintenance, that first point of contact may be after a storm like the recent hurricanes, or when there are other signs of disease and damage. If...

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Storm Tree Cleanup

Homeowner’s Insurance and Post-Storm Tree Cleanup

When storms like Irma pound our neighborhoods, tree damage is common. Major hurricanes will often require professional services to safely remove fallen limbs, trees, and other debris. But as with any storm damage, the question is, “What will my insurance cover, and what will I have to pay for...

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Florida Trees in Hurricane Season

Preparing Your Trees for Hurricane Season

The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season is expected to be more active than usual. But every storm season is a reason to prepare your trees and foliage to withstand the winds and waves. Here’s what you need to know to protect your property. Storm Intensity From tropical storms to hurricanes...

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