Tree Stump Removal

Removing a tree is challenging enough, but with some service providers you’re left with an ugly, obtrusive tree stump or persistent (even invasive) roots—it’s an entirely new challenge to remove.

When you call us for tree removal service, we don’t leave a stump in your yard. We remove it and help you reclaim that space for beautiful lawn. But when you have an existing stump on your property, call us for trunk grinding and/or tree stump and root removal as a standalone service so that you can restore the yard space.

Benefits of Removing Tree/Shrub Stumps and Roots

  • Reclaim your lawn space
  • Prevent growth on or around the stump
  • Eliminate a tripping and lawn care hazard
  • Remove a pest habitat

Intact stump removal can significantly impact your property, requiring soil replacement and additional landscaping. A cost-effective and economical alternative is stump grinding, using heavy-duty blades to clear the stump with minimal impact on the surrounding land. We’ll remove all debris and leave you with clean yard space to reclaim and landscape.

Tree Services - Stump Removal