Storm Damage Prevention

Before and After the Storm: Damage Avoidance and Heavy Tree Cleanup

Does the threat of rain, hail, or high winds make you nervous about trees and branches? The risk of storm damage to your home or property is very real, especially if unhealthy or already-damaged trees are on your lot. Personal property is commonly damaged during high alert times, including your home’s siding or roof, and even nearby cars, fences, or the yard. Storm/weather damage avoidance and prevention helps reduce threats to your house and property with preventive yard and landscape maintenance.

Hurricane, Hail, & Other Weather Damage Prevention

Storm damage avoidance clears your property of any weak, dead, or dying timber. Weather damage prevention includes a survey of all trees near to your house or business, noting which are most dangerous. The property owner makes the final decision to protect their structures from hail, wind, and heavy limbs. Weather damage prevention is a critical investment to prevent storm damage to windows, roofs, and other property.

Who Should I Call After The Rain Stops?

Our arborists follow all safety precautions and guidelines when removing fallen or damaged limbs and branches. Our specialists assess damage and will help guide you on the steps needed for a successful tree removal and stump removal services. Fallen trees, broken limbs, and damaged tree trunks can endanger not only property but people too. Having a certified, reliable service care for your storm-damaged property can keep your mind at ease and ensure that your emergency debris removal is done safely and correctly.

Knowledge and experience are crucial to safely removing branches and limbs that have fallen from wind. And at Nassau County Tree Surgeons we know that responding quickly and taking care of the cleanup as soon as possible will help you get back to your regular routine.