Why Your Tree Service Company Should Be Local

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Why Your Tree Service Company Should Be Local

For many service companies, the first time you call them is in an emergency. While tree service companies do (and should) perform periodic maintenance, that first point of contact may be after a storm like the recent hurricanes, or when there are other signs of disease and damage. If you’ve never contacted an arborist, it can be tough figuring out who to call. But one of the most important things is that they’re local.

Support Local

Many of us share the value of supporting local business because it helps the community—and local business owners are your neighbors too. It’s not always possible or practical, but as much as you are able, supporting local industry pays financial, social, and personal dividends that benefit the whole community. If the person taking care of your roots has put down “roots” in the community, that’s a valuable connection.

Local Licensing

Beyond the feel-good aspect of supporting local business, practically speaking, local companies have local licensing in your state and/or county to do the often-dangerous work of tree care, maintenance, and removal. Large outside companies may have licensing somewhere, but is it even in your region? Will it be recognized by local leadership or authorities?

Local Insurance

Licensing gives assurance of competency for the job, but if anything unforeseen should happen, local arborists have locally-recognized insurance. You can be comfortable that your property will be covered if a claim is required, and the local tree service shows care for you by maintaining appropriate coverage to protect everyone and everything on the job. Will an outside company show such care? Do they carry the right insurance, and would it be adequate? Are they even motivated to properly cover themselves (and you) when “home base” is many states away?

Experience and Knowledge with Native Tree Varieties

If you’ve traveled the country at all (or moved from another region), you know that not all trees are the same throughout these United States. An arborist from the Pacific Northwest or the Adirondack mountains is likely not an expert in subtropical tree growth in Northern Florida. Tree service is more than clearing debris after a storm, but encouraging and maintaining healthy growth, so local knowledge is the only way to ensure that services are performed for the good of your trees and property, and not just a corporation.

Knowledge of Local Regulations and Ordinances

Rules regarding not only the tree servicing but even the use of heavy machinery, working hours, and more, can vary by state, county, and even municipality. For your project to be completed in a way that benefits you and doesn’t cause delays or instigate problems with neighbors and community leaders, choose a local company that knows and abides by the existing regulations and ordinances.

Investment in the Community

Local tree services invest in the community—not only financially, but as fellow citizens and neighbors. We work here, shop here, volunteer here, and are committed to serving the community here for generations to come. This is home, and we’re not motivated to travel the country looking for natural disasters to capitalize on (especially in warm, pleasant climates)—and then leave.

Fair Pricing Practices

When it comes to tree service, bigger isn’t always better. It’s not like getting cheaper prices at the “big box” store versus the mom-and-pop down the street. For large outside corporations, there is no motivation to fairly (or even competitively) price services in the wake of a disaster. Massive cleanups are tough to estimate, so it’s easier to fall prey to price gouging from outside firms that are here today, then gone to the next “disaster.” Meanwhile, your local arborist knows the trees, appropriate local practices, and is motivated to be fair and establish great relationships with clients. Your local arborist wants to serve you for years, not cash in on a one-time project.

Long-Term Care

In the wake of a disaster, cleanup is urgent, so long-term needs can be temporarily forgotten. In the rush to remove downed trees and extensive debris, choosing an outside company can result in rushed work that doesn’t support healthy growth of remaining trees and new plantings. Your local arborist is interested in protecting surviving trees and preparing for new and replanted trees. A long-term care relationship is not only in mind, but a goal, so no “quick and dirty” work will suffice.

We truly are Nassau County Tree Surgeons—local arborists who live, work, play, and volunteer in our community, and we really do “go out on a limb for you.” We’re licensed and insured, serving Nassau and Duval counties, and treat you fairly while delivering highly-skilled professional service in residential and commercial markets. We’d be honored to meet your tree service needs, and we’re here for the long haul. Whether cleanup, trimming and pruning, stump grinding, land clearing, or any other tree application, contact us to get started on your project.

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