Tree Removal

Planning a landscaping change or need to address diseased trees? Need to clear the way for construction? Or need to clean up after a storm? For these reasons (and more)—whether planned or emergency—call the Tree Surgeons and you can rest easy knowing that our experience, licensing, and insurance will keep you safe and give you the results you’re looking for. Professional removal prevents:

  • Unsightly tree trunks and stumps that neighbors might consider an eyesore
  • Temptation to perform dangerous DIY tree removal
  • Too many grouped trees, which can choke them
  • Dead trees falling on buildings, cars, and even people, especially during storms

Licensed and Insured Residential and Commercial Tree Removal

Decayed or dead trees are more than unsightly—they’re a hazard. Limbs or entire trees ready to topple at any moment, or when a storm passes through, can damage buildings and vehicles, rip up a yard or sidewalk, take out power lines (risking fire), or even injure or kill passersby.

Healthy trees don’t generally pose the same risk, but sometimes it is necessary to remove a healthy tree to make room for construction or repairs, or to prepare it for replanting.

Tree removal is specialized work—and we have the skills and equipment so you can sit back and enjoy the results. We handle felling the tree, cutting the trunk into manageable pieces, and disposal. But because we care about the environment and the trees we service, we will never recommend removing a tree unnecessarily, and will help you find a new home for a healthy tree that must be relocated.

Tree Removal Services

  • Safely remove trees dead and dying trees to reduce risk from unplanned falls or storm damage
  • Clear space for construction projects, pavement, or utility repairs
  • Thin tree groves to allow healthy trees to prosper
  • Tree stump grinding and removal to restore a smooth and level lawn
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