Spring Tree and Yard Care

Springtime Blossoms

Spring Tree and Yard Care

After last fall’s hurricane season and the unusual winter we’ve experienced, springtime is a welcome change, and a great excuse to get out into the yard. Spring tree and yard care will set you up for a thriving landscape or new growth and weather resistance for the rest of the year.

Tree and Shrub Pruning and Planting

Once many flowering shrubs and trees have bloomed (but before the next round of buds appear), you can prune and shape them for the best results. You’ll have beautifully-shaped flora and won’t have to remove buds unnecessarily.

Flowerbed Cleanup

Get ready for new summer blooms by clearing out old annuals from your flower beds and planting new spring and summer varieties. Choosing plants that attract bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds to increase pollination will produce a thriving garden with less need for additional fertilization and excess watering.

Vegetable Gardening

Start up your warm-weather vegetable and herb gardens, either from seeds or transplants. Squash, beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers are popular seasonal veggies. Basil and rosemary are herbal candidates that thrive in the sun. Allow enough space around the garden to make it easy to access for maintenance (including weeding), and to prevent overgrowth. Be mindful of sun direction and shading to make sure each type of planting has access to the nutrients and conditions it requires.

Pest Mitigation

Check all your foliage for signs of insect and rodent damage, and call a professional arboristto help assess and deal with any infestations. Use caution with pesticides, not only for the care of the tree but for any of the other plantings (flowers, shrubs, or vegetables) that are nearby. Also consider natural and organic products particularly when the area will be used often by children or pets (or anyone at all).

Hurricane Preparation

Now is a great time to start checking for potential tree problems well before storms start rolling through. During the pruning process, remove compromised or dead limbs, and balance out the tree’s foliage. But don’t take a risk with large trees. Professional arborists have the knowledge, experience, equipment, and insurance to handle the big jobs. It’s best to call them in for your safety.

Look out, also, for trees that are in trouble. Dead or dying trees, those with pest infestation or disease, and other weakened trees should be addressed now to avoid danger and property damage when the winds start to blow.

With some springtime maintenance and professional tree assistance, you can make the most of mild weather to prepare your property for a beautiful summer, fall, and winter. Need help with your foliage? Give us a call or contact us!

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