Land Clearing & Fill

From small to large residential projects, to commercial construction preparation, leave the land clearing and dirt fill services to us.

As licensed and insured tree service professionals, we have the expertise and equipment to safely remove trees, shrubs, and roots, preparing the lot for future development. Because we care about the environment and the trees we service, we can also prepare trees for replanting so they can continue to grow healthy and strong in an appropriate location.

Residential and Commercial Lot Preparation

No matter the project size, hiring professional tree surgeons keeps you safe and protects you from unnecessary liability.

  • Dead and decaying trees are safely felled and removed
  • Healthy trees are excavated and prepared for relocation
  • Tree stumps and roots are removed, using care around utilities and sewer lines
  • Expert and licensed staff allow property owners to avoid dangerous DIY work
  • Adjacent foliage is trimmed and pruned away from buildings, fences, walkways, power lines, and the pathway of construction machinery