Why You Should Have that Tree Stump Removed

Tree Stump

Why You Should Have that Tree Stump Removed

Do you have tree stumps in your yard? Sometimes a remaining stump is the result of DIY tree cutting, or it was a lower-priced option when a professional felled a tree. But there are a number of reasons to go ahead and have it removed.

Yard Appearance

Face it: tree stumps are pretty unsightly. If you’re going to invest time and money into landscaping, a big ugly tree stump just doesn’t belong. It also takes up valuable space that could be part of a smooth, well-groomed lawn, or even a garden. Decaying stumps can also attract termites, ants, and other insects that can infest the yard and undermine your landscape.

Injury Hazard

As you or your kids enjoy and play in the yard, a tree stump can be a dangerous trip hazard, which can be as minor as a stubbed toe or as serious as a head injury. Even worse, if a guest or neighbor is injured because of a tree stump in your yard, you could be liable. Stumps also pose a hazard to your lawn mower, and can cause expensive damage or even more risk for injury.


When the goal of tree removal is to clear land space, it can be frustrating when some stumps sprout new growth. It compounds the problem of dealing with a stump and adds to landscaping woes.

Hiring a Professional

Removing a stump is not a good do-it-yourself project, which is probably why we let them mar our landscape for so long. As professionals, we have heavy-duty stump grinding machinery, extensive land-clearing experience, and safety guidelines that we follow to protect our staff as well as your family and property. Hiring a professional is highly recommended so that you get the results you want, and avoid significant dangers.

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