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Planet Earth

Celebrating Earth Day 2018

Today, April 22, is Earth Day. It’s the largest environmental movement in the world, and so important because we only get one planet, and it’s a good one. Today we celebrate Earth Day because this environment that we live, work, and play in is the result of such an...

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Crape Myrtle Trees

Time to Get Planting Trees

Each year, January is a natural time of new beginnings. Resolutions abound, holiday credit cards come due, new semesters kick off, and it’s time to get used to writing a new date on checks. But it’s also a perfect time for new growth in Northern Florida. It’s time to...

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Foggy Southern Forest

Showing Arbor Day Pride at Your Business

There’s no doubt that trees have a huge impact on our lives. In addition to the many wood-based products that surround us—from our homes, to the furnishings, down to the No. 2 pencil on your desk—trees contribute to our properties, our neighborhoods, and even the very air we breathe!...

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