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Planet Earth

Celebrating Earth Day 2018

Today, April 22, is Earth Day. It’s the largest environmental movement in the world, and so important because we only get one planet, and it’s a good one. Today we celebrate Earth Day because this environment that we live, work, and play in is the result of such an...

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Springtime Blossoms

Spring Tree and Yard Care

After last fall’s hurricane season and the unusual winter we’ve experienced, springtime is a welcome change, and a great excuse to get out into the yard. Spring tree and yard care will set you up for a thriving landscape or new growth and weather resistance for the rest of...

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Solo Tree

Transplanting Mature Trees

It’s an easy decision to prune or even remove a damaged or decaying tree, but sometimes a healthy tree grows where it isn’t wanted—or you want and need it somewhere else (such as a new property). Whatever the need, transplanting mature trees to a new home should be done...

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Crape Myrtle Trees

Time to Get Planting Trees

Each year, January is a natural time of new beginnings. Resolutions abound, holiday credit cards come due, new semesters kick off, and it’s time to get used to writing a new date on checks. But it’s also a perfect time for new growth in Northern Florida. It’s time to...

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Nassau County Tree Surgeons - Local Arborists

Why Your Tree Service Company Should Be Local

For many service companies, the first time you call them is in an emergency. While tree service companies do (and should) perform periodic maintenance, that first point of contact may be after a storm like the recent hurricanes, or when there are other signs of disease and damage. If...

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Landscaping and Arboriculture

Do You Need a Landscaper or an Arborist?

Many homeowners may not distinguish between landscapers or arborists—those are people that take care of the greenery on the property, right? But your needs—and the needs of your trees and lawn—may mean keeping at least two phone numbers in your address book to make sure your property receives all...

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